Screening for Retinoblastoma: A Systematic Review of Current Strategies

Retinoblastoma MD EyeCare

Article from: Asia Pacific Academy of Ophtalmology

Year of publication: 2021

Authors: Vijitha S. Vempuluru, MD and Swathi Kaliki, MD

About the paper:

This document discusses the importance of early detection and screening for retinoblastoma, a common childhood eye cancer. The article highlights the need for uniform screening practices across developing countries and emphasizes the significance of red reflex examination and retinal imaging in neonates. It also explores the potential of smartphone-based applications for detecting leukocoria, a symptom of retinoblastoma. The document calls for universal guidelines for retinoblastoma screening and the establishment of a nationwide database for epidemiological purposes.

Study details:

Purpose: The aim of this study was to review the literature on various screening programs, devices, and applications described for the early detection of retinoblastoma.

Design: Systematic review article.

Methods: A PubMed© search was performed to identify articles published with specific reference to screening of neonates, infants and children for retinoblastoma.

Results: Various devices and mobile phone-based applications based on altered red reflex are finding their way into community screening. Diagnosis of retinoblastoma by newborn eye screening is emphasized in several countries, and red reflex is the most widely employed technique.

Conclusions: Several screening programs for early detection of retinoblastoma are evolving in the developing countries, but the practices are not uniform. Universal newborn screening should be the norm. Newer tools and software can be utilized to screen infants on a community scale. Focussed research on revolutionizing digital imaging for a versatile

About MD Eyecare in this paper:

The benefits of MDEyeCare include its potential for detecting leukocoria, which is a symptom of retinoblastoma, a common childhood eye cancer. MDEyeCare is a smartphone-based application that allows for the capture and analysis of pupillary reflex images. It has been found to have superior detection rates for retinoblastoma compared to other similar applications. MDEyeCare offers a cost-effective and accessible screening tool that can be used by parents and caretakers to screen children for leukocoria.

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