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MD EyeCare

Frequently asked questions

What is MD EyeCare?

MD EyeCare is a medical app designed for early detection of eye disorders in young children (0-7 years). It works as a highly specialized photographic camera, that may help its users detect eye disorders earlier, which can lead to timely treatments and a better prognosis, lower treatment costs, better vision results, and improved quality of life for the child.

Why should I use MD EyeCare?

Early detection of eye disorders in children is crucial. Children rarely complain of visual difficulties, even if they are affected by a severe condition. Disorders such as ocular tumors, abnormal eye development and intraocular infections do not cause external physical changes or pain.

What usual occurs is that severe eye conditions are caught at a more advanced stage of the disease, when parents begin to notice bigger issues and then take their child to the ophthalmologist. MD EyeCare is an app that has been created to prevent that, it is intended to be used for early detection, leading to timely treatments and better outcomes.

What are some of the benefits of using MD EyeCare?

The main benefit of using MD EyeCare, and the reason why it was created, is early detection of eye disorders in young children. Which can then lead to timely treatments with possibly better outcomes and better vision results for the child. It could also mean lower costs of treatments, since the disorder could be caught in time, and improve the child’s quality of life.

Is MD EyeCare available worldwide?

Yes, MD EyeCare is a mobile app that can be downloaded to your iPhone (not available for Android or Windows) anywhere in the world. It is accessible for anyone that wishes to use it.

The application replaces an ophthalmologist?

No, MD EyeCare app DOES NOT replace a visit to an ophthalmologist or a specialist. It is a tool designed to aid in early detection of certain eye disorders in young children.

While it can provide valuable information and potentially identify signs of eye disorders, it cannot make a medical diagnosis, offer a certain course of treatment according to the condition of the child or provide the comprehensive care that an ophthalmologist can. It’s always important to consult with a healthcare professional for any concerns regarding eye health.

This app should be used as a supplementary tool, not a replacement for professional medical advice or care. It is meant to raise awareness over a potential risk of an eye disorder given the photograph that was taken and advice the user to set up an appointment with a specialist for further studies and observation.

Yes, MD EyeCare has been featured in several scientific journals and publications, including ‘Smart Resources in Ophthalmology’ and ‘Lancet Global Health’.

Is the use of the smartphone’s flash light harmful in any way for the child?

No, the use of the smartphone’s flash light to take the picture and potentially capturing leukocoria or white reflex in the child’s eyes does not harm them. If used appropriately and not repetitively, there is no evidence that it could cause any damage to the eyes.

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Ready to use MD EyeCare?

MD EyeCare is designed to be user-friendly. It can be easily downloaded and used by anyone, anywhere in the world.