Global retinoblastoma survival and globe preservation: a systematic review and meta-analysis of associations with socioeconomic and health-care factors

Retinoblastoma Prediction

Article from: The Lancet Global Health.

Year of publication: 2022

Authors: Emily S Wong, FCOphth, Richard W Choy, Msc, Yuzhou Zhang, MSc, Wai Kit Chu, Dphil, Li Jia Chen, FCOphth, Prof Chi Pui Pang, DPhil, et al.

About the article:

The article is a systematic review and meta-analysis of global retinoblastoma survival and globe preservation rates over the past four decades. The study found that overall survival rates and globe salvage rates have improved, but there are significant disparities between higher-income and lower-income countries. Factors such as socioeconomic status, healthcare accessibility, and government expenditure were associated with improved outcomes. The study highlights the need for targeted healthcare policies, increased financing, and improved accessibility in low-income countries to enhance retinoblastoma outcomes worldwide.

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