MD Eye Care


Basis of Innovation:

Red pupillary reflex seen in pictures is a normal finding in healthy eyes.

Leukocoria, a white pupil reflex, is a clinical sign seen in pictures or spontaneously.

White pupil reflex in children could be secondary to many eye conditions: eye cancer (retinoblastoma), cataract, intraocular inflammations, and in a small number of patients, it can be explained as the projection of the normal optic nerve.

With the emergence of digital cameras, this simple opportunity to diagnose tumours is vanishing. Today, manufacturers are increasingly looking to hone applications and red pupils are appearing less and less in photographs.

MDEyeCare is a medical app. It works as a specialized photographic camera, optimizing all variables affecting the visualization of the pupil and the presence of red pupillary or white pupillary reflex, depending on the case.

The application comes with a built-in list of specialists around the world, so if you detect this abnormality in your children you promptly identify an ophthalmologist.